2022.02.08 - News

New Investment in Airmeet Inc. with Sequoia Capital India and Accel India

Event-led Customer Engagement Platform Airmeet raised $35M in Series B funding.
We, DG Daiwa Ventures Inc. joined with Sequoia Capital India, Accel India and others.

About Airmeet Inc.
Airmeet is an event-led customer engagement platform that helps businesses, associations, educational institutions, SMBs, communities and government organizations establish meaningful touchpoints with their global audience through rich, engaging, and immersive event experiences. Airmeet, a remote-first company headquartered in the USA with 250+ employees spread across India and North America was co-founded by Lalit Mangal, Manoj Singh and Vinay Kumar Jaasti in 2019. The trio have been together since Lalit’s previously successful venture – CommonFloor, which was acquired by Quikr.com.Over 5500+ brands like Flipkart, Fifth Element Group, BMF Media, Unifrog Education, NPower Inc, University College London, Rotman School of Management, Zircom (Shell Oil), Viacom CBS, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato, and First3Years, use Airmeet to host events, across the globe every month.

From DG Daiwa Ventures Inc.
Representative Director : Masahito Okuma
The working style has dramatically shifted to online over regions. Airmeet provides an innovative platform that benefits both online and offline conference features. As the platform can deliver convenient and engaging full-stack customer experiences, we believe in the potential for further market expansion. We are honored to partner with Airmeet teams on its remarkable journey and excited to tackle the Japanese market together.