DG Lab Fund is a unique, non-conventional venture capital fund that combines both investment and world-class R&D capabilities to dramatically accelerate and incubate its investments. The fund focuses on five core technologies, including blockchain, AI, xR, security, and BioHealth.

DG Lab Fund is focused on blockchain, AI, xR, security, and BioHealth, as they are likely to be at the foundations of future businesses. In addition to the five core technologies, the fund will also focus on IoT technologies, which often overlap or serve as an application layer.


Blockchain technology is highly anticipated in its applications not only in cryptocurrencies and in the fintech space, but also in many other fields. With many use cases and diverse technical intricacies, the space has attracted thousands of startups from around the world. DG LAB will match promising blockchain technology with feasible and scalable business opportunities through technical and academic due diligence led by experts from respective fields. With this matching, DG LAB and DG Lab Fund aims to develop a new infrastructure and backbone for society.


The evolution of AI technology has accelerated through advances in big data and hardware, to a point where recognition accuracy has far surpassed that of a human. DG Lab Fund foresees AI not simply replacing menial and human labor, but rather applications where AIs work with humans to maximize efficiencies in workflow and other areas. Through big data gathered by DG LAB with the cooperation of portfolio companies and partners, DG Lab Fund aspires to combine humans and AI in partnership to create news businesses, including personal assistants, customer support, and workflow support.


Foreseeing the era that merges online and offline worlds, we provide new experiences that seamlessly unify the physical world and the digital world. We promote digital transformation in various segments, such as developing VR / AR / MR technologies for 5G / 6G environments, optimizing shopper and employee experiences in retail stores utilizing sensors, and recommending a suitable travel information based on individual preferences.


As the world grows to be more digital, an increasing amount of personal and corporate information will become available. Advances in IoT technology will further accelerate this trend, with an increasing amount of devices handling private data. This explosion of data availability and access places security technology, especially one that proactively secures data, as a top concern and priority. DG LAB plans to build new, innovative security technology that is adaptable to various devices, products, and technical fields.


DG Lab Fund will also focus on biohealth, where innovation has been brought upon through the fusion of IT. Increasing capabilities in computer processing has made it possible to instantaneously execute research and development tasks that otherwise took large amounts of time and human labor. Similarly, advances in sensor technologies has allowed access to data that was previously unattainable. DG LAB hopes to construct a new ecosystem that stimulates new ideas and entrepreneurial activities in the biohealth industry through partnerships with companies with paradigm shifting technological knowledge and expertise.

DG Lab Fund’s new type and approach to a VC fund is made possible through the investment network and incubation capabilities of Digital Garage as well as the fund operations and knowledge base of the Daiwa Securities Group.